Friday, 12 August 2011

Shock second post of the day...

So, Friday is normally a 'working' day, but as the Studio Upstairs office was closed today, I had some v rare childfree time (as they were having a great time with the childminder).  I may have mentioned before that I have a habit of having lots of projects on the go at once. So today was the day of Finishing Things.

And do you know what? It's been a really productive day.  I did plenty of small jobs that niggled and suddenly I have lots of completed stuff. Firstly I finished off a circle skirt that I'm wearing to a party tomorrow - all that needed doing was a tiny bit of the hem plus a buttonhole and button. Then I finished off a half-done string of bunting and some lavender bags (pictured) for the We Heart Redfield event next Saturday. I have been doing a bit of a stock check and really need to get a wiggle on. Especially as both the crafty peeps I am sharing a stall with have been incredibly prolific (look out for Anna's lovely crochet flowers).

Now off to tidy my sewing room the spare room as my mum is coming to stay this weekend.

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