Thursday, 22 September 2011

Essential Sewing Kit

So I thought I'd have a stab at creating my Top 10 of essential kit... This is a list of things I think are essential, I'm sure you have your own version...

1. Notebook
So this should be a notebook where I sketch out ideas and plan things, and it is (a bit). But as I am a bit impatient and tend to just jump in and have a go, I tend to write things down after the event to remind myself how I did it. I do love notebooks in general though as I'm a secret stationery fetishist!

2. Sewing Machine
This is my trusty Riccar Reliant 55 - they don't make them like that any more (they really don't, the company no longer exists). It was second hand when I got it as a teenager, which is some time ago now... I've had it serviced recently by a local business who very handily come to the house, not as expensive as you'd think

3. Scissors
I had some John Lewis Vouchers a while ago and treated myself to some really good scissors. These are Fiskars dressmaking scissors and are good and sharp. They are the main reason that I have a (high) bolt on the study door to prevent little fingers getting hold of them.

4. Iron
Well who would have thought it, I've found a use for the iron! It's pretty ancient and the steam bit doesn't work - I use a plant sprayer to mist with water sometimes. It's really handy for pressing seams.

5. Pins
These are glass-headed pins. I've no idea whether that's a good thing or not but the colours please me. I do covet one of those cute little tomato pincushions but feel that I could probably make one (but of course haven't got round to it yet)

6. Magic pen
This is really nifty... You use it to mark up fabric and then simply spray water on the marks after cutting out and they disappear - woo! Before I got this pen I was using whatever manky biro I had to hand, not good.

7. Measuring tape

I have a couple of these because I'm always losing them. They are at least cheap...

8. Spare bobbins
I particularly like the word bobbin, I think it's a Mark Radcliffe hangover. It's also a useful swear-replacement word. When I got my sewing machine all those years ago it came with just one bobbin, took me a while to realise that you could buy more and so have a range of threads ready to go. Must get some more of these...

 9. Sewing Machine Needles
It is with similar embarrassment that I admit that it took me a while to realise that you had to change the needle on a sewing machine (blush). Ideally you should use a new needle for each new project, it really makes a difference to the quality of stitching.
10. Needle threader
I confess that I wanted to put seam ripper in at number 10, but couldn't find it, so instead it's this little chap. Very handy for the sausage-fingered among us!

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