Friday, 9 September 2011

A quiet night in

Friday nights didn't used to be like this - there was a time when I went out to bars, restaurants, the cinema or maybe even the theatre... But for now, I'm knackered and just waiting for the howling chattering upstairs to subside, so that I can enjoy a large G&T, without having to break off in the middle to bellow 'back to bed!' up the stairs.

And also of course putting final finishing touches to the stall (the weather is not looking promising but I am ever optimistic). I will not have exactly this layout tomorrow as I am sharing a pitch, but thought I would try it out for future events. I have been looking for inspiration online and found some great advice and tips on the Folksy blog about this very subject.  The main things I have taken on board are using different levels, and spacing things out (you can always have a stash of spare stock under the table in case of a sudden rush).  I just have a little price labelling to do and then I can relax...

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