Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Retro Aprons

So at the moment I am preparing some stuff ready for a stall I'm sharing with a friend at the weekend. The event is a vintage/retro fair and the rest of the stall will be full of crockery, vintage clothes, old suitcases, 1940s sewing patterns...

I thought that I'd have a go at some retro-style aprons, the picture on the left shows one made out of an old dress with a groovy yellow 70s  floral print.  The dress was too full of holes to fix, but there was enough good fabric in the skirt for my purposes.

I was excited to learn that making gathers is really simple - I just set my sewing machine to the longest stitch length and sewed along the top edge of the fabric. Then you just pull the bottom thread (gently) to make the gather. I fiddled about with it a bit to make sure that it was even, then I sewed the apron skirt into the waistband.

I have a couple more aprons in my collection, including one in red/white polka dots, but I think this yellow one (with natty patch pocket) is my favourite!

And I know I should probably be spending my evenings glued to the sewing machine, but as it's getting darker I feel more of an urge to hibernate. Plus a self-imposed sweat shop regime kinda takes the fun out of making...

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