Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Why I love the train...

This weekend I had a lovely time visiting an old friend in Oxford, but I did take a couple of things with me to finish off on the train. Major benefit of the train over the car in my opinion is that you can sew, knit, read etc. whilst rushing through the countryside (and of course drinking gin at the wheel of a car tends to be frowned upon too...). Tidying up loose ends is not one of my favourite things as I'm often anxious to get onto the next project, so using a bit of travelling time was ideal.

This photo also shows my natty stripy ironing board cover, courtesy of one Ms. Kidston. I wouldn't normally be so flash for household goods, but I had a birthday voucher burning a hole in my pocket. The same voucher also paid for some really nice cake tins, one of which will be playing host to the Christmas cake very soon (more on that story later!).

Plans for the week ahead focus on some serious making for the Retro Fair. As well as some lovely gathered aprons, I thought I could make some hairbands to match... watch this space! But for tonight probably just relaxing in front of the Great British Bake Off.

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