Saturday, 8 October 2011

Demonic Pincushion

This little birdie pincushion was one of the unfinished projects I uncovered during The Great Tidy-Up.  All I had to do was finish stuffing him, sew the seam closed and give him some eyes. But the red sequins I used to make the eyes, together with the particularly wonky angle of his head, conspired to give him a demonic look. The pins jabbed viciously into his chest don't help I s'pose...

Still, he is at least complete, and that was the aim of the exercise. He was supposed to be a prototype robin (for Christmas decoration purposes) but I think I need to fiddle with the pattern to make the shape more robin-like.

Next stop on the Finishing Things list are some embroidered bookmarks that need a ribbon backing to cover up all the messy threads. Although I have to ask myself, who uses bookmarks these days? I am the daughter of an antiquarian bookseller and do love old books, but I'm not sentimental about bog-standard paper backs and mostly read fiction on my Kindle these days.

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