Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Fabric Stash

At the moment I am trying to be good and to use up my growing fabric stash. This little zip-up purse is made from a cotton print from Fabric Rehab. If you've not visited their site before, they have a great range of retro-style and quirky prints - lots of Japanese and Scandi stuff.

And although I'm trying to be good, I'm telling myself that because I have a couple of Christmas Fairs coming up, I have the perfect excuse to add to my stash! So purely in the interests of research I have been drooling over investigating fabric shops.

I'm lucky to have a branch of Fabricland just a bus-ride away. Their website is pretty terrible (in fact I'd say that someone in 1992 probably wants it back!) but the staff in the Bristol store are always really helpful. They have an amazing range of stuff and are very reasonably priced. I nearly always manage to pick up something cool from their remnant bin too, always worth a rummage....

Through Twitter I discovered The Fabric Loft, I haven't ordered from here yet, but OMW (oh my word) some of those prints are cool... some really lovely retro florals and generally tempting bundles. Decisions, decisions!

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