Thursday, 20 October 2011

Patchwork Christmas Stocking

This is a prototype patchwork Christmas stocking that I made last night. I had some bits of festive fabric left over from making bunting last year and just did up a simple patchwork with squares. I made myself a stocking shape template out of stiff card so that I can make more of these.

The stocking is lined with an unbleached calico - I thought that I could embroider a name on the strip at the top to personalise it. The back of the stocking is more of the tartan fabric as I had a larger piece of this one.

The patchwork is a little wonky in places, but this just adds to the handmade charm (keep saying it enough and it might be true!).

I went down to the really inappropriately named Nylon Shop today - they sell loads of fabric, it's a complete Aladdin's cave type place, cluttered but lovely. And it's within 15 minutes walk of my house.  Much of what they sell is not nylon, so why the name I don't know... I found some more of the red/green tartan plus a small green/gold holly print and a red cotton with snowflakes and baubles.  I am however very much coveting the one of the Scandi-style Christmas bundles from Fabric Rehab.

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