Sunday, 23 October 2011

Toddler Art Critic

This weekend we have been up in Liverpool visiting family. Today featured a trip into town where we visited the new Museum of Liverpool and then moved on to the Tate.

DS enjoyed the 'Little Liverpool' gallery at the Museum, which is designed for the under-sixes, lots of hands-on exhibits (including plenty of water!). In search of lunch we wandered round the Albert Dock to the Tate and popped into their cafe. Despite the shocking news that they had run out of fish and chips, the whole party ate well and suitably refreshed decided to do the decent thing and have a look at some Art.

Now... I remember visiting art galleries and museums before having children. It used to be an experience that consisted of gentle wandering, spending time in contemplation. This is no longer the case. Today I spent quite some time pretending to be a bird, crouching down behind exhibits on instruction from the Toddler "because it's not a good place mummy, we gotta hide". One thing she did like was Dali's Lobster Telephone, which elicited the critical response of "funny".

Sadly I couldn't persuade the group that we needed to get a haberdashery fix at the local branch of Abakhan, so we went to the newly-opened Lego store instead. Maybe next time...

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