Saturday, 29 October 2011

Where's Wally Costume (part two)

I bet you've been on tenterhooks since the last thrilling instalment... so here is the Where's Wally costume in all its glory! Things were all going well on Thursday night, I had been in a knitting frenzy and had nearly finished the hat at my craft night round a mate's house.  I was also looking forward to a very rare child-free day on Friday with my husband; my parents were visiting and were booked in to look after the children.

But then I woke up at 5am yesterday feeling as sick as a dog, and not because of a wild party either.  So instead yesterday was spent horizontal in a darkened room with a bucket by the bed. I am so rarely ill that it was a bit of shock.

Luckily my lovely mum finished off the hat, I'd already done the bulk of it and had started the decreases, and The Boy and his dad had made an excellent pom-pom. The walking stick is also husband's work, made out of the cardboard tube from the inside of wrapping paper and LOTS of parcel tape (the man is a genius). Add in an old pair of specs with the lenses removed and the outfit is complete.

Felt much more human this morning so had time to tack up the sleeves of the t-shirt, but this project really has been a family effort. And considering that the hat was a bit of a guestimate, the sizing is just right (phew).


  1. Brilliant costume! The hat is awesome too :)

  2. Thanks :) He kept it on all afternoon at the party (bit sweaty by the end)

  3. Great costume! I'd love if you would link this up to my blog link this weekend. Hope you can join in.

  4. Thanks :) Love all the costumes you've been posting recently too. Just off to investigate your blog link...