Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Knitting - a good thing about winter...
I was having coffee with a friend this morning and she happened to mention that she'd been reading my blog (blush) and we were laughing about the wording that I'd used to describe myself in the 'about me' section. However, I have to admit that the 'old hag' part of my personality is definitely uppermost at the moment, as the shortening days of winter make me really grumpy and I'm feeling a strong urge to pull the covers over my head and not come out until spring.

But of course I can't, so today I've been trying to think of enjoyable things to get me through this miserable part of the year. On the internet somewhere there's probably a list of '10 Steps to Happiness', I think it includes things like growing stuff and seeing friends. If I was more organised I would look it up but I'm typing against the clock trying to get this post finished before the snoozing child in the buggy wakes up... So, my list:

1. Sleep - I am even more grumpy when short on sleep, so I'm having plenty of early nights, often not long after the children. My youngest wakes for the day at around 5.30am so early nights are also a matter of survival.

2. Reading - I have been devouring novels recently as TV is by and large rubbish. I have a Kindle and also been frequent visitor at the local library. Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brodie novels are great for curling up on the sofa with.

3. Knitting - I can never get into knitting in the summer, feels wrong to have wool in my lap when it's warm and sunny. But in the winter I find it really soothing, and I have some great yarn from the Sock Yarn Shop calling to me - but at the moment all making time is dedicated to Christmas Fayre products, so the socks will have to wait.

4. Growing things - I impulse bought some hyacinth bulbs from the greengrocers last week and have them on the kitchen window sill. They smell amazing and it's lovely to have something growing in the house.

5. Craft Night - Whilst it's great talking to people on the internet about craft and other stuff, it's even better to do it face-to-face. A couple of friends and I have a regular craft night every 3-4 weeks and although I often can't face dragging myself out of the door I'm always really glad that I did. We all take a current project to work on and sit and chat over tea and biscuits (we may daringly have a little mulled wine at the pre-Christmas meet...)

So those are my winter treats - what are yours?


  1. I know what you mean about this time of year. At least in October you have the Autumn colour and next month the Christmas lights brighten things a bit. But Novemebr has to be the most depressing month! Dull, dark and grey. Roll on the tin of sweets and twinkly lights

  2. Actually I have a bit of a downer on February too, but am using the twinkly lights of Christmas coming up to blot that one out...

  3. definitely curling up with a good book, snuggled up in a blanket. And making soups and stews and all the things that are out of place during the summer (even if it is cold and and wet in summer, a stew just isn't right somehow). February is much worse than November. Right now at least the dark mornings and frost are a novelty.

  4. Yes to lots of hearty soups and stews, tonight was Red Kidney Bean curry - nice and spicy!