Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Make List

Inspired by Stitch This (which is a marvellous blog by the way) I thought I would put together a Make List of my own.

It's a combination of things I'm in the middle of, things I've sort of promised to make plus some stuff  from daydream territory...

Bobble hat for my brother
Finish Erhman tapestry kit
Patchwork stockings
Felt Christmas decorations
Peg bags
Christmas apron for me
Knitted socks - lots
Christmas bunting
Lavender bags
A quilt for The Toddler
A hobby horse for The Boy
Arm warmers
Fabric advent calendar
Learn to crochet
Knitted dolly

Think that's enough for now, better head upstairs as the sewing machine is calling...


  1. I hadn't realised you'd mentioned little old me - thanks!!!!