Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Partridge in a Pear Tree

I've had a productive weekend. Not only did I manage to finish the patchwork stockings, I also made a start on my 12 Days of Christmas bunting.

I decided to edge the flags with some festive fabric, I think I will alternate red and green. I think this gives the flags a bit more definition (especially as the bunting will be hung on a white wall).

So this shows my interpretation of partridge in a pear tree, with the pear being my very first attempt at proper appliqué - i.e. turning the fabric edges under and doing tiny hand-stitches. Previously I have reached for the trusty bondaweb and basically stuck the fabric down and machine-stitched as close to the edge as I dare. And I know that the pear/partridge ratio is a bit off, but I was going for abstract representation rather than botanical and avian realism.

The rest is done in felt, stitched with DMC embroidery silks. I put a bit of gold stitching on the pear because I fancied it. Really enjoyed just doing some freehand embroidery rather than following a kit. The trick I think is knowing where to stop and not to overwork it. Next up is two turtle doves...


  1. Lovely! Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. I would love to have a go at applique. Love this!

  3. Thanks for lovely comments :-) I think at the speed I'm going it prob won't be finished until next Christmas, but after reading recent posts about slow stitching think that's ok...