Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rockin' Robin

I had one of those longed-for days on Friday where I had the whole day at my disposal for sewing. So I put the time to good use by getting stock ready for my stall next weekend.

I have some felt decorations already made, but wanted to try my hand at some robins too, especially as I still had some lovely fabric left over from a bundle from Fabric Rehab.

The Demonic Pincushion was my first attempt at a robin, using a pattern from a magazine. I didn't think it really worked as a tree decoration, and anyway the pattern was not for commercial use. However I did like the fabric combination I had chosen so I set out to make my own simple pattern. The robin is stuffed with a little polyester toy stuffing and decorated with a yellow felt beak and sequins for eyes.

I was initially a little concerned that the bird was looking a little more chicken-like than robin, but once the stuffing was in I was much more happy with the result. Once satisfied with the prototype I set up a bit of a production line to make a little batch for the stall.  Doing each stage in one go (i.e. cutting fabric for 10 robins, then doing all the pinning, then the sewing etc) does make the process a lot quicker than making one item at a time.  There was a bit of hand-stitching at the end to close up the seam, as well as adding the sequins.

My stock list for the stall currently looks like this: felt decorations, patchwork stockings, fabric robins, little pudding badges, mini bags and shopping bags, purses in varying sizes and a few retro-style aprons. Should be enough to fill my section of the table.

Now I just have to get my act together and bulk buy mince pies and mulled wine for our hordes of hungry punters...


  1. This is lovely. Great choice of fabrics.

  2. Thanks Dilly, I could spend a fortune at Fabric Rehab...