Monday, 14 November 2011

Why I make stuff...

Last week I bought a new mobile phone. As it involved signing up for a contract there was the obligatory box ticking exercise where my employment status was called into question. It was a choice between 'Unemployed' or 'Housewife', neither term appealed much or represented what I actually do all day. On other forms I am described as SAHP (stay at home parent) which I flippantly reject as I don't spend that much time actually in the house with the children...

This is not a parenting blog, but a post on the excellent Free Your Parenting has had me musing about the nature of parenting small children and finding time for yourself. And it got me thinking that the main reason I am determined to create things (and why I write this blog) is because it is something that I do for me as a person.

Whilst I absolutely believe that being around for my children's early years is A Good Thing, the day-to-day intensity of being with them is sometimes overwhelming. So many of the things that I do for them are mundane and repetitive. I am constantly preparing meals, snacks and drinks. I wipe bottoms. I wash hands constantly (mine and theirs) I sing songs. I have the same conversation on the merits of next door's cat over and over again. I read their favourite books again and again until I can recite them by heart. I break up fights using negotiation skills that would put Ban Ki-Moon to shame. You get the picture...

When I'm sewing I call the shots. I love the colours and textures of fabrics, finding the right combinations. I love working out how to best to make something. Things don't always turn out the way I expected but I often like the results anyway. And when someone else asks 'did you make that?' it gives me a real kick to be able to say yes.


  1. Totally relate to this post. Now if I could just learn to craft....!

  2. Thanks Rhiannon :) If you lived near me I'd invite you to our craft nights, is there anything like that near you? (although when youngest was 4 months old I was doing NO craft, was a struggle to just stay awake!)

  3. bit slow off the mark, but this really resonated with me. That's why I cook...

  4. Thanks Recipe Junkie, I've just been enjoying your blog this morning, you have a great turn of phrase :)