Friday, 4 November 2011

Work in Progress

I'm hoping to escape to my sewing room this weekend and make a start on some festive bunting based on the Twelve Days of Christmas song.  I've recently joined Pinterest and have started a board there to record all the lovely things that I've found to inspire me.

My plan is to make twelve pennants out of unbleached calico, one for each verse of the song. I'm aiming to use a mixture of appliqué and embroidery. I was wondering whether you can get metallic embroidery threads and was delighted to find that yes you can! This afternoon I picked up some felt, threads and these dinky little bells from the fab craft shop in St Nicks Market

I've been busy sketching partridges and also discovered that it's four colly birds not four calling birds as I'd always assumed. Apparently 'colly' is a corruption of 'coalie', an old word for blackbird.

Also this weekend I am making some patchwork Christmas stockings for a friend, think that the gold embroidery thread might come in handy there too...

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