Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Crackers

Today was the first proper day of the holidays (weekends somehow don't count as I'm not on my own...) Not too many fights, but quite a lot of telly watched this afternoon, whoops! But I did make some Christmas crackers with the Boy, who is five. The Toddler mainly contented herself with putting stickers in unexpected places. I put a stop to it before she reached the good bits of furniture.

I'm fed up of paying £££ for crackers that are landfill-in-waiting, so it made sense this year to make our own. Inside the Boy's personal cracker were a made-to-measure paper hat, a chocolate coin and a joke: What do you get if you cross an apple with a Christmas Tree? A Pineapple (yes he did make that one up himself, and apparently has 'loads' more...). It was looking fairly tasteful when I took this picture but then when my back was turned he got hold of the really tacky stickers and now it's looking properly bling. Pimp my cracker if you will...

If you'd like to make these top-quality items at home, you will need:

cardboard tubes (i.e. inside of a loo roll or half the inside of a kitchen roll)
crepe paper in festive colours
stickers to decorate
bits to put inside such as hats, sweets, jokes or other novelty items

There is no snap in these crackers, so when you pull them you just have to do that bit by yourself and shout bang, as in the classic Christmas episode of The Good Life.

To make simply cut a piece of crepe paper that's about twice the length of your cardboard tube and wide enough to wrap around the tube twice.  Roll up your tube in the crepe paper, then use a bit of pritt stick to secure the loose end. Tie the up the ends with ribbon, but not before you've added in your groan-worthy pun and hat/sweets etc. Liberally apply stickers to decorate and tada! Home-made Christmas crackers.

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