Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

So I made it - twenty-four posts in twenty-four days. This is our Christmas tree, as decorated by the children. I played no part in it as I was busy cooking the world's biggest fish pie for our Christmas Eve lunch.

In fact the day has had quite a lot of cooking in it what with vast quantities of extra mince pies and ginger biscuits, but I did get a lovely little nap this afternoon (and a sneaky gin at lunch...).

I'll be quite relieved to go back to blogging when I feel like it. Once or twice a week is about enough for me I think. But I have enjoyed the challenge of writing everyday, and I think a bit more of 'me' has come over. Although looking back over my posts, there has been not so much sewing. Looking forward to getting back to that in the New Year and starting some new projects.

I'm off to make some mulled wine and hopefully do some knitting/dozing in front of the box. See you in 2012, and wherever you are, have wonderful Christmas...


  1. Congratulations on completing your advent challenge! What will next year bring I wonder?

  2. Thanks Rhiannon, I'm making a few plans, trying to strike a balance between what I'd like to do and what's feasible... Blogging is definitely part of the plan :)