Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Home-made Christmas Cards

And breathe....

Yesterday was Not A Good Day. It was one of those ridiculous days where everything seems to go awry, to the extent that you expect someone to pop out with a camera crew announcing that it was all an elaborate hoax.

I'm going to try not to moan about it, but it did start with some yelling at the children, followed swiftly by the realisation that I must have left my purse on the bus on Saturday and so had to scrabble around for dinner money. Most of the rest of the day was taken up by retrieving said purse from the bus station (cue more scrabbling to find the bus fare into town). Finally, and most pathetically, I sliced a chunk out of my middle finger whilst preparing the tea. Oh, and on a day when my other half was working late so didn't get home until after I'd put the children to bed (after a little more shouting). Crack out the tiny violins!

So by the evening I just couldn't be arsed with doing anything, creative or otherwise. So instead I sprawled on the sofa watching other people cook (Hugh Fearnley-Whatsit and Jamie Oliver's mate Jimmy).

And drinking gin...

But, today is a new day yada yada and I took advantage of my daughter falling asleep in the buggy this morning. Did I do housework? Of course not, I got out the glitter and made some Christmas cards. After all, why should the children have all the fun?  It was very soothing...

P.S - this is now day 13 of my advent blog challenge, I'm over half way (small whoop)

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