Friday, 16 December 2011

It's Friday, I'm in Love

Day 16 of my self-imposed challenge and I've had a lazy day. Until recently on Fridays I was volunteering for Studio Upstairs so had arranged for the Toddler to go to a childminder whilst the Boy was at school. My husband finishes at lunchtimes on Friday so he then picks them up from childminder/school, giving me a whole working day.  Sadly, because Studio Upstairs has had to reduce its opening hours due to limited funds, they are no longer open on Fridays.

And as Fridays are the only days where my husband has any flexibility, I can't really afford any more childcare than the five hours for the Toddler that we already pay for, not for an unpaid job. But for the moment I'm keeping up the Friday arrangement, mostly because in the back of my mind I'm aware that I will need to start job-hunting again in the new year and having a relationship with a good childminder will come in handy. But also there is the (slightly luxurious) aspect that I get to have at least five hours to myself in a week.

Today I could have used the time to blitz the house before the school holidays. I could have sat up in the workroom furiously making more bits to sell on Sunday. I could have gone into town and picked up the last bits of Christmas shopping.

But none of those things seemed that important, so instead I did not very much at all. I read a trashy novel, did some knitting while listening to the radio. I flicked through Twitter. I drank coffee while it was hot and munched some biscuits without having to share them with anyone.

It was lovely...

And I'm pleased to say that one part of my normal Friday routine is still in place. I'm typing this as the delicious smell of home-cooked curry wafts out of the kitchen, and my other half is hard at work making chapatis.


  1. Sounds like a lovely Friday - don't feel guilty for keeping a little time to yourself, we all need that for sanity sake.