Saturday, 10 December 2011

Mini Stockings Again

Day 10 of my advent blog challenge and it's a full moon <insert wolf howl noise here> I managed to get a couple of hours sewing in this afternoon and started work on a batch of mini stockings. This is the first one completed and ready to be filled with sweeties.

The top hem is stitched with a zig-zag stitch just because I think it looks nice. Once I'd sewn the rest of the seams in straight stitch I trimmed the edges with pinking shears before turning the stocking inside out. Pinking shears help to reduce fraying of raw edges and I've also found it helps to reduce bulk in the seams and makes for a smoother curve. The stocking is finished off with a loop of gold ribbon and a button.

I did all the machine stitching this afternoon, and hope to handstitch the rest of the ribbon loops in front of the TV tonight.

See you tomorrow...

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