Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mini stockings... (maybe)

I thought I'd try for a second post today to make up for yesterday. Of course, the problem with posting everyday is that I have to find something interesting to say everyday. Preferably something about something crafty I've made...

Today I started having a muse about preparing for my stall at Redfestive. As it's the weekend before Christmas I think little bits and pieces would be best. I'm planning to make some more felt puds and robins and also thought I'd have a go at a mini stocking decoration. I thought I could fill them with chocolate coins or other appropriately festive sugar bombs.

I'm not entirely happy with the prototype but I'll work on it and post a better picture soon. I also want to get back to the 12 Days of Christmas bunting and am working on some sketches for the next flag. At this rate I may have it finished by about 2022... Oh and I'm supposed to be knitting some socks for a present in early January. Better get off the internet and start doing some work!

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