Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Out After Dark

On day 20 of my blog challenge there was more Christmas cracker making and repeat viewings of The Snowman. Lego and crayons were strewn liberally about the house by 4pm so I invoked the Tiger Who Came To Tea defence and we went down the road to a café.

For those of you who don't know Judith Kerr's classic 1968 picture book, the Tiger comes to tea and eats everything in the house, leaving the place in a right mess and nothing for Daddy's supper. So the family goes out after dark when all the street lamps are lit and all the cars have their lights on, to have sausage and chips in their local caff. Sounds to me like Mummy had her feet up reading a novel and neglected her housewifely duties so had to come up with an excuse...

My children had a great time being out after dark tonight. On the way to the café we were busy spotting Christmas lights and Christmas trees. Great excitement all round. That's the true meaning of a winter festival for  me, twinkling lights in the dark, a little reminder to the sun that he'd better come back soon...

Photo thanks to wikimedia commons as I didn't get chance to take any photos (too busy making sure my two didn't hare off into the road in thrall to fairylights)

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