Sunday, 18 December 2011


I spent the afternoon in a disused carpet showroom hawking my wares (the stitchy kind, I haven't taken to a life of vice).  All part of RedFestive, a Christmassy fundraiser for our local arts festival. It got a bit parky at times as there was no heating, but wearing woolly socks and 24-hole Doc Martens at least kept my feet warm.

The unit looked really cool, decked out in shiny stuff and fairy lights. There was a Narnia-themed grotto for the children, which you entered through a wardrobe. And in keeping with the theme a bare-chested Mr Tumnus, on stilts. He was bravely battling the elements, and hordes of small children.

I sold some robins, some purses and a few other bits. My retro-style aprons were picked up, admired, tried on, but no sales - boo! But I chatted to loads of people I know, some of whom I haven't seen for ages, so a good afternoon all round. And now only a week until Christmas, eek!

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