Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sick Day

It was all going so well yesterday, I woke up brimming with energy after an unprecedented eight hours uninterrupted sleep (a rarity in this house). The morning was taken up doing errands, taking plastic bottles to the the recycling bank, a quick trip to ALDI, all the glamorous SAHM stuff. I even managed to put the finishing touches to a bobble hat and wrap a couple of presents.

Then I started feeling really queasy while cooking tea. I sat with the children while they ate and then caved and put them in front of a DVD while I waited for my husband to get home from work and hoped that I wouldn't puke in front of the kids before he got there. Luckily he was home by 6.30 and I was able to go to bed with my sick bucket (sorry!) while he sorted them out.

So instead of writing a tutorial about pom-poms I'm taking the easy way out and directing you to another site  with a pom-pom tutorial here  And the photo isn't mine but from a blog called Inspiration for Home, alongside lots of other creative ideas for wrapping presents. I was making my pom-pom for the top of a bobble hat, but I thought this was quite a cool idea...

Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow - see you then.

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