Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Finished Item

It feels like I've been away from the blog for ages, as I haven't posted for over two weeks. However, it's nice to see that it is quite happy ticking over without me, people seem to be finding their way here through Google, with mostly sewing/craft related search terms. I apologise to anybody who was hoping for something a little more racy with the "Tamsin stockings" search...

So what have I been doing instead? Well, I have managed to finish my daughter's quilt. The photos are not the best, but I wanted to show the quilt in situ, and if I waited for a lovely sunlit day to photograph it, I think I'd be waiting for some time! And the good news is that my three year old loves it. She especially likes the colours, and has been sleeping under it since I finished it off on Friday. Her older brother is now in a bit of a grump so another quilt may be on the cards.

 I was planning to finish the edges with ribbon, but decided in the end that I preferred a white edging. I cut the backing fabric larger than the quilt top and simply folded this over to bind the edges. Don't look too closely at the corners as these were the bodgiest element of the project, and I'm sure didn't follow any approved method. I'll definitely look this up and do it properly next time.

Other stuff I've been up to: I am now a member of not one but two (count 'em) craft groups, as well as my book group and I've even been to the cinema (saw The Artist, a fantastic film, would definitely recommend). On the less positive side my other half has a fairly punishing work schedule at the moment, including a few overnight stays and plenty of not being home in time for bedtime. We usually share a lot of the household chores and childcare but as he's not physically been here it's been down to me to do more. It just means that by the time I've put the kids to bed I don't want to do anything more creative than quaffing gin in front of Call the Midwife.

But onwards and upwards, I've had a post-project tidy in my workroom, and have a few ideas bubbling away. If I can just shake off my winter blues I'll be unstoppable...


  1. That's fabulous! I've never done quilting, might have to give it a go sometime. I love the colours. My girls would love one of these.

  2. Thanks :) I kept it pretty simple with the quilting, just outlined the panels. It was still nerve-wracking getting it through the sewing machine. Definitely want to do more quilts...