Sunday, 1 January 2012

Rainbow Quilt

New year, new projects... Today I have been fiddling with my fat quarters (oo-er) and have decided to make a small patchwork quilt, hopefully to go on my daughter's bed. I'm planning to have six panels in rainbow square patchwork, intersected with borders of plain fabric so that it doesn't seem too busy.

So far I've cut all my strips - quite tedious and probably would have gone faster with a rotary cutter, but I don't have one. I've started pinning and sewing the strips as you can see.

I'm hoping to get the bulk of it done before my husband goes back to work on Tuesday, as it's easier for me to sneak off to my sewing room when he's around...

What are your new year projects?


  1. Looks great so far... I'm watching with interest as I'm just getting to the end (I hope!) of my (first ever) monster quilt - although there's a lot less skill in the one I'm attacking :)

  2. Thanks :) Look forward to seeing pics of yours soon.