Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sock of Doom

This is a craft blog, but I wouldn't want you to get the idea that everything I make comes out right first time, or that there isn't a considerable amount of effing and jeffing going on throughout the making process.

I give you: The Sock of Doom...

Now, I made some socks last year, and they didn't seem too tricky, and now they keep my feet perfectly toasty warm. I even adapted the pattern to make some smaller ones for my daughter. I was cocky in my sock-knitting abilities, bring on more socks I thought...

And so I purchased some more sock yarn from the Sock Yarn Shop. I'm sure you'll agree that the yarn is pretty funky. I'm easily pleased and I'm still very taken with the way that space-dyed yarn knits up into stripes before my very eyes.

But this time round I swear I am jinxed! First it took three attempts to cast on and do the ribbing (although I accept some of the blame for this, serves me right for mixing mulled wine and knitting, bad combo). Then I lost the paper pattern and after briefly searching the living room decided instead to cobble something together from the internet. Which of course led to me making a complete hash of turning the heel.

So I sighed, squared my shoulders, and unravelled the botched heel, ready to have another go. I've also borrowed a proper pattern from a friend.

Although part of me thinks it would be much less bother to just turn them into (small) leg-warmers...

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  1. lol Few weeks ago, i've tried to knit a pair of socks for the first time... that was for my baby boy... I've knitted one, I lost it... Yesterday, I found it in my washing mashine... felted! Thank you baby boy ;)
    Yours seem to be beautiful, i love the stripes