Saturday, 4 February 2012

Big Knits

I was babysitting for a friend last night, so took my sock of doom with me and made some steady progress. I will conquer my fear of turning a heel!

But in contrast to knitting a sock in the round on needles that remind one a little of cocktail sticks, I am also doing some BIG knitting. The mug there is for scale purposes, these needles are 20mm, pretty much the biggest you can get, and knitting with them makes me feel like they are an outsize theatre prop.

This was one of those occasions where I was seduced by some lovely yarn (it's by Sirdar from their Bohemia range) then realised I'd have to buy the needles to go with them. But they make me smile every time I see them due to their ridiculous size, and smiling is in short supply around here at the moment. And just look at those lovely blue hues... This is going to be a lovely fluffy scarf to keep out the winter chills.

And of course the best thing about knitting with super duper chunky yarn is that it knits up really fast, meaning you can finish off a scarf in an hour or two...

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