Friday, 17 February 2012

Searching for Inspiration

I haven't touched the sewing machine since I finished my daughter's quilt at the end of January. And now February is whooshing by without any new projects to show for it. This week was half term, so no school or preschool, and the little blighters not unreasonably took the opportunity to demand some parental attention.

We have had one big Day Out, to Bristol Aquarium, plus other closer to home trips such as the library and park. Mostly lots of hanging out at home doing lego, running cars down drainpipes, drawing, flapjack eating, sibling bashing...

I didn't have a telly until I was nine years old (my parents weren't ideologically opposed, just hadn't got round to it), so I know the positive effect that boredom can have on creativity. Although I know I probably (frequently) whined at my parents that everyone else was watching Scooby-Doo while I was a social outcast, I also have some really good memories of reading, playing and making. For this reason I try and limit the telly time, but as my two are still quite young they often want my input. I've explained to them about the theory of Benign Neglect, but they're currently not convinced.

Limiting telly is good for adults too, since I've started crafting more, I watch a lot less. The converse is also true... And for me doing creative things needs boredom space to let the ideas bubble up. So I'm trying to regard the last couple of weeks as a sort of fallow period, to be followed by something a little more productive. These are the things I've been doing to get inspiration going:

  • Talking to other people - a friend of mine is setting up a small shop to sell her wonderful range of vintage fashions and has asked me if I'd like to sell some of my stuff
  • Looking at my stash - sometimes just having a rummage sparks off an idea
  • Doing something different - I've ordered a lampshade kit which means that I have at least one small project to be getting on with
And finally?

  • Giving myself a break - surely this stuff is supposed to be fun, not just another thing to fret about. 
So it's Friday night, husband is out purchasing a large pizza and we'll settle down and watch some comedy on the box with a beer. Cheers!

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