Friday, 24 February 2012

Sock Rocking Feets

The Sock of Doom is finally laid to rest, check out my lovely stripy new socks. My heel-turning phobia is conquered, hurrah!

They are knitted with a Regia sock yarn purchased from Pip at the Sock Yarn Shop on 2.5mm double-pointed-needles. This yarn knitted up a little more tightly than the last socks I made - although this could just be my stress levels coming through...

I confess that one of the main reasons I wanted to try making socks was that it looked really cool seeing someone knit on what looked like cocktail sticks. Non-knitters are often super impressed as they think it's very complicated, but of course the really good thing about knitting in the round is that you do continuous knit stitch to produce all that stocking stitch (of course there is a bit of purling in the heel). I learnt to knit as a child but didn't learn to purl until a few years ago. Even now I feel I have to concentrate more on a purl row, where as knit seems hard-wired somehow.

What really helped in my heel-turning endeavours was this excellent tutorial on YouTube. It makes such a difference when you can actually see someone doing it, rather than just trying to follow a book or a pattern.

I have quite a few sewing projects on the go at the moment, but my next knitting adventure will be a pair of rainbow socks as requested by my five year old son. I reckon I won't have many more years of him wanting to wear my hand-knits so happy to oblige now. And it gives me an excuse to gaze at some more yarn...


  1. Wonderful socks! I'm not much of a knitter, but I've managed a few pairs of socks (with lots of help from my Mum). I love all the different sock yarn that you can buy, and seeing how it all knits up with the stripes.

  2. Thanks :) Socks are just so satisfying aren't they?