Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Clear the Decks

Just a quick post this evening. Turns out that the thing I need to motivate me to get sewing is a deadline, who knew? I have a lovely friend who is getting married in 10 days time (waves at H) and I had airily promised to make bunting. Today I woke up to the fact that there's not much time left, eek!

So this afternoon I cleared the decks and unearthed my pinking shears in preparation. I've also been hurting my brain working out how many flags I can get out of a metre of fabric. Tomorrow I'm on a mission to buy some cool fabric (Fabricland here I come). And at the weekend I will become the Terminator of bunting, I absolutely will. not. stop... until I've come up with the goods. It's going to be Buntamagedon.

Wish me luck!

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