Saturday, 26 May 2012

Mission Accomplished

I'm happy to report that I managed to produce thirty metres of bunting in time for my friend's wedding today. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and a stiff breeze kept the flags fluttering bravely (in fact it was tricky to get a good photo as they were flapping about so much!).

It was the kind of wedding I like best, a whole bundle of family and friends just hanging out in the garden. There was plenty of tasty food (I may have had a few glasses of wine too...) and in a genius move, a children's entertainer who certainly earned her fee doing everything from singing and dancing to balloon modelling and temporary sparkly tattoos.

Bunting is really simple to make, and really adds a festive air to parties and events. With the Jubilee coming up next weekend you ^could^ make some patriotic red, white and blue bunting, or maybe your tastes run to flags embroidered with republican slogans, it's entirely up to you. I chose three different fabrics, a sage green with white polka dots, a lighter green with pink roses and a cream with small floral print.

Then I simply marked out some triangles with my magic fabric marker and a ruler, then cut them out with pinking shears. I read somewhere that it's not worth buying expensive pinking shears as you can't sharpen them (unlike normal scissors, where it's worth investing in a good pair). By the end of this mammoth effort I can tell you that my pinking shears were definitely the worse for wear, but luckily just as I was cutting the last few triangles.

The tape I used was 13mm woven tape from the mighty Fabricland, it's 12p a metre or you can buy a 50 metre roll for about a fiver. I pinned the triangles at regular intervals and then used my sewing machine set to zig-zag stitch to fix the triangles onto the tape. I use zig-zag stitch mainly because I like the way it looks. Leave longer lengths of tape at either end of your string of bunting so you have something to fasten onto your fence, tent or what have you.

This kind of bunting won't last for that long as it isn't hemmed, but the flutter factor on a breezy day is high, which is what makes good bunting for me!

I'm off to swigs some Pimms now, maybe watch a bit of Eurovision. Just want to finish by saying congratulations to the happy couple, it was lovely to see you and your little family today. Enjoy married life :)

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