Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Little Doers

This is one of those posts I've had in the pipeline, and it's not about my craft stuff, instead it's about what my children have been up to. I was moseying about on Mumsnet a few weeks ago and noticed a post from Beth at Little Doers who was looking for bloggers to review their children's craft boxes. The idea behind the scheme is that you get a box through the post once a month with all the materials you will need for a weekly craft activity.

Excitement was running high when the box arrived, and Youngest was very impressed to have a parcel with her name on it. We opened the envelope marked week one and were pleased to find two different activities, which was handy as Oldest decided that he wanted to join in too. Youngest took her time making a queen mask on a stick, with plenty of glitter and sparkly sticky bits and Oldest made a crown. The only thing that I had to provide was a bit of PVA glue. Everything else, including all craft materials, an apron and glue spreader was included.

There are different levels of membership for the scheme, starting with the Basic package which is £15 a month on a rolling basis. That's £3.50 a week which I think is pretty reasonable. If you sign up for longer then the price drops accordingly. I thought the materials were good quality, there were some nice little touches like pre-applied sticky dots on some of the pieces to make it really easy for the children. I think this is a great scheme for anyone who doesn't have the space for lots of craft supplies, and it's good for inspiration. It definitely made us do more craft together, which was lovely. 

Little Doers was set up by Beth and Ed who are parents themselves, and work from home in Hampshire Check out their site Little Doers to find out more.

N.B. I received a free Little Doers box in exchange for writing this post

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