Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Back Home

We flew back into Heathrow on Sunday morning after two sunny weeks in Nova Scotia, spent a day recovering at my parents and then hotfooted it back to Bristol on Monday ready for The Boy's birthday yesterday. We had a small tea party with plenty of hula hoops and a swimming pool birthday cake. Phew!

Naturally I have come back from holiday full of good intentions to make the most of my leisure time and not just slump in front of whatever shit telly is to hand (all though I reserve a bit of slumping time for Olympics). More crafting less faffing!

While we were away I saw some amazing examples of quilting, pure textile art, and so I thought I'd get stuck in to something from my UFO pile (see here for my List of Shame). I managed to spend a happy hour in my work room with a genuine 1970s patchwork cushion kit - the photo is what I've done so far, but the later fabrics promise a serious world of brown style. This is sort of Log Cabin (I think...) and I love the effect it gives and would like to try this technique with some fabrics that are a bit more contemporary.

I'm trying to do it properly and follow the instructions and everything - wish me luck!

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