Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Problem with Homemaking

I'm cracking on with hand-quilting my cushion cover, can't wait to have it finished so that I can show it off here. As I haven't any completed projects to write about, I've been musing about how some of the craft stuff that I do fits with this whole '50s housewife shtick, and how that sometimes makes me feel a little uneasy...

I like to sew and make things as it gives me a sense of satisfaction, a creative outlet, occasionally a little money if I sell something. I'm not in paid work at the moment as I'm at home looking after my children. I'm not particularly ideologically wedded to the vocation of housewife. So when I read this article I was pretty dumbfounded, and naybe just a little bit scared.

Basically it tells of how a woman is 'rescued' from the evil world of paid employment, so she can go home and be a 'keeper at home', she even lists her husband as her new employer on her exit questionnaire from work. Seriously odd.  I'm all for valuing childcare and all those things that need to be done to keep a household running smoothly, but I happen to think that these tasks should be valued regardless of the gender of the person undertaking them. Just because I have a vagina does not make me any better at hanging out washing or cooking spaghetti than my husband.

So to clarify - housework has to happen so that we don't live in a shit-tip, childrearing has to happen so that the blighters don't run feral through the streets, and sewing is just a bit of harmless fun. And all members of the household contribute to its smooth running, no one should be married to a house in 2012.

Glad we got that sorted out...

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