Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Personalised Bunting

Photo of handmade name bunting
Just a quickie tonight as it's late and I'm blogging from my bed. I've signed up for Ematingz craft fair at Easton Community Centre on 13 October (which is not that far away - eek!) so have been busy making.

This is some sample personalised bunting which I will have on the stall - happy to take commissions ;-) It has my daughter's name appliqu├ęd onto it, and she has announced that she 'likes the bright colours'.

Hopefully there'll be a few more posts to show you my wares over the next two weeks...

Friday, 14 September 2012

Patchwork Cushion

Just a quick post today as the sun is shining and it's too nice a day to be hunched over a laptop. This patchwork cushion has been on my ufo list for a while, and I'm really pleased with how it's turned out (and just to have finished something at last!).

This was a kit given to me by a friend, bought from the Sally Army shop for a quid. Now, I know what you're thinking, somebody mugged Laura Ashley circa 1983, but although the fabric isn't my usual kind of style, I still think there's a value in this kind of kit.

For a start, the kit had everything in it that I needed to complete the project (bar thread and a cushion pad). It also had full instructions, and I learnt some new techniques while doing it. The patchwork went together fairly quickly as it was all straight seams.

For the quilting I just followed the seams, making concentric squares. I started from the centre and worked out to keep things even.

The back is one piece of a rather surgical limb pink fabric. I hand stitched all the binding which goes round the edge of the cushion, which didn't take as long as I expected, and has given a lovely neat finish.

Now I can give myself permission to throw myself into some new projects. Currently on the go are some rainbow socks for my son and developing some new stock for Christmas craft fairs...

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Dolly Nappy

This was one of those spur of the moment quick makes, but I took a few photos so thought I would stick it on here.

When I was at the craft shop I remembered that I wanted some velcro for a project, but couldn't remember what the project was (head like a sieve). So I chucked some in the basket on the off-chance. When I got home started chatting to my 3 year old, which jogged my memory for the forgotten project - a nappy for 'Baby Dolly'. This is the same doll I knitted some clothes for a while ago.

I used cloth nappies for about 50% of the time with my real children (yes, I'm one of 'those' mothers, lentils, cloth nappies, homebirth, it's a pretty damning picture), and disposable nappies for dolls seem even more wasteful than those full of real shit. I am informed that there is a doll that you can buy baby 'food' for  that will consequently produce dirty nappies - the mind boggles...

Anyway... this is how I did it:

I used two old face flannels and cut two matching t-shapes from them. Accuracy wasn't my main concern here, as this nappy wasn't going to have to deal with containing anything. It was just a case of a bit of hacking with the fabric shears.

Then I used my machine to sew round the edges (about 1 cm from the edge), leaving a gap at the top of the T.

Then I turned the nappy inside out, and quickly sewed the open seam shut. I stitched a fuzzy strip of velcro to the front of the nappy (the bit that goes over the doll's belly) and then the corresponding hooky bits onto the tabs.

And there you go, a nappy that a 3 year old can do/undo as many times as she likes. There's a high level of curiosity about babies in this house at the moment, mainly I think because a couple of friends have newborns, and it's quite interesting to see how my children deal with their 'babies'...

Friday, 7 September 2012


After writing about getting back on my bike, oh, ages ago, I then didn't really get on it again. The thing is, I live in Bristol, which may be a 'Cycling City'  according to Sustrans, but does go up and down a hell of a lot. Not so good for the slightly less fit among us.

But then one sunny afternoon a few weeks ago, a friend invited me for a ride along the Bristol to Bath cycle path, and what a revelation! For a start it's pretty flat, and secondly it's a whole track just for cyclists and pedestrians, so no cocks in Audis trying to force you into the gutter. Result. In fact, it's a bit like riding along a country lane should be, except nicer because you don't have crazy locals speeding round blind bends, or tractors...

So spurred on by my positive experience I decided to ride the other way today, and go into Bristol city centre. I  used the excuse of needing some stocks from the craft shop, but really I just fancied a ride on a sunny day while I had some child-free time. The cycle path isn't the most direct route into town for me, but it's certainly the most scenic. It was definitely quicker than getting the bus, and I had the pleasure of depriving First Bus of  four quid (take that - The Man). I did a few errands and then returned home the way I'd come, stopping in for a cuppa with a friend who lives conveniently close to the cycle path.  And I picked up some more double-pointed needles whilst in town, so Autumnal sock knitting can begin in earnest. Hurrah...

If you live in Bristol or Bath and haven't been on the cycle path (it's nice for a walk too), then find out more here, it's got a fancy clickable map and everything.

p.s. The frog photo has no link with the post at all, my husband took it this afternoon in the garden and I just liked it