Friday, 7 September 2012


After writing about getting back on my bike, oh, ages ago, I then didn't really get on it again. The thing is, I live in Bristol, which may be a 'Cycling City'  according to Sustrans, but does go up and down a hell of a lot. Not so good for the slightly less fit among us.

But then one sunny afternoon a few weeks ago, a friend invited me for a ride along the Bristol to Bath cycle path, and what a revelation! For a start it's pretty flat, and secondly it's a whole track just for cyclists and pedestrians, so no cocks in Audis trying to force you into the gutter. Result. In fact, it's a bit like riding along a country lane should be, except nicer because you don't have crazy locals speeding round blind bends, or tractors...

So spurred on by my positive experience I decided to ride the other way today, and go into Bristol city centre. I  used the excuse of needing some stocks from the craft shop, but really I just fancied a ride on a sunny day while I had some child-free time. The cycle path isn't the most direct route into town for me, but it's certainly the most scenic. It was definitely quicker than getting the bus, and I had the pleasure of depriving First Bus of  four quid (take that - The Man). I did a few errands and then returned home the way I'd come, stopping in for a cuppa with a friend who lives conveniently close to the cycle path.  And I picked up some more double-pointed needles whilst in town, so Autumnal sock knitting can begin in earnest. Hurrah...

If you live in Bristol or Bath and haven't been on the cycle path (it's nice for a walk too), then find out more here, it's got a fancy clickable map and everything.

p.s. The frog photo has no link with the post at all, my husband took it this afternoon in the garden and I just liked it

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