Thursday, 18 October 2012

General Witterings

Photo of craft stall with baskets
I really enjoyed myself on Saturday at the craft fair. It was maybe a little quiet in terms of visitors, but I still managed to sell enough to cover my table fees and make a reasonable amount on top - hurrah! I also had lots of nice comments about the stall. I just happened to find these baskets in one of the local cheapy shops (think Primark-ish). I think it helps to give a bit of height to the display and shows off my products well.

The standard of products on the other stalls was generally high, and there was a good mix. There was one stall selling sock monkeys which were very cute and quirky, and the stallholder was busy making throughout the afternoon (she had a little pile of socks by her side).

Since the the weekend I've been tackling some of the jobs round the house that haven't been done in the past few weeks as I've been in a flurry of threads. Excitingly we've even got round to putting new shelving in the study, so even my sewing stuff is looking pretty tidy (it won't last...)

I've also been catching up with reading other blogs, something I really enjoy doing. It's seems that you're supposed to hand-wring and clutch your pearls every so often about the encroachment of modern technology into all aspects of life. The tyranny of devices yada yada. I disagree, I think it's incredible that I have a little machine that fits into the palm of my hand that lets me communicate with people all over the world, just with a few characters on a screen. I love that Twitter is there when I fancy a conversation, or just pointing me towards some interesting articles.

When I started my career (pre-children I worked in PR & Marketing) in the mid-90s we had one PC in the office that had dial-up internet access, through which we would receive the odd email. The rest of us had PCs on the desk, but they were basically for word processing and the odd spreadsheet. When we produced a new piece of print, for example a brochure, the designer would courier round the proofs and my boss would mark up any changes with a pen. The proofs would then be couriered back to the designer and the process repeated until a satisfactory outcome was achieved. Today you could do the whole thing in a couple of emails, if the brochure was printed at all. Newsweek just announced that it will stop producing a printed version in the new year and I wonder how long printed other printed newspapers and mags will be around for...

I'll also soon be meeting in real life some of the people I've met online, as I'm going to Mumsnet Blogfest on 10 November. I'm particularly looking forward to meeting Dillytante and Stitch This, fellow crafty bloggers.

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