Thursday, 11 October 2012

Stitch Fever

Photo of dark blue denim bags
The trouble with writing a craft blog is that you have to balance making things with finding time to write about it. Recently I have been sewing in every available child-free hour as I get ready for the Ematingz craft fair on Saturday. This means I should have had plenty of blog fodder, but as I've been sewing so much, I haven't found time to write - doh!

When I'm making products for a craft fair I tend to make in batches as this speeds up up the process. So for these mini denim bags I did all the cutting in one go, then all the sewing, all the finishing etc. This bag developed from a larger shopping bag, then I experimented with making a mini version for my daughter. However, I've found that these bags are just as popular with with adults as they are about handbag size.

As you can see I like my bright colours, I particularly like the lime green dandelion print which I dug out of my fabric stash. Fingers crossed that I sell a few bags on Saturday and so can buy some more bright prints. It's all about feeding my fabric addiction... I reckon there are worse vices, right?


  1. Good luck on Saturday, I hope you sell lots!x

  2. Thanks Caroline, looking forward to it as I haven't done a fair for a while.