Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Weird Kid

Photo of hand-knitted rainbow coloured socks
When my son started school two years ago, my main concern was not how quickly he'd pick up phonics or get to grips with numbers. No, my main concern was that he wouldn't be the 'weird kid'. You know the one, home haircut, cord dungarees, general air of social awkwardness coupled with an embarrassingly precocious vocabulary. Yes, it was me... I was the weird kid, and occasionally I feel like I still am.

But naturally my son has surprised me by being completely socially at ease, and the fact that his school has a uniform means that fashion faux pas opportunities are thankfully limited. He has two (male) 'best' friends - the three of them have been a tight unit since they started in Reception, and he is also seemingly very popular with the girls in his class, judging by the volume of party invitations he receives...

So I think I'm safe in hand-knitting him some rainbow socks (pictured above). He chose the yarn himself and was trying them on this evening, they were pronounced 'comfy' and 'really warm'. There's a bit of room for growth in the toe area as he's shooting up alarmingly at the moment.

The only problem is that now I've finished them I have nothing to take to craft group tonight, might just have to take some Christmassy fabrics and see where that takes me.


  1. Oh this made me laugh, and cringe, I too was the weird kid, and often still feel a bit like it but don't care nearly as much now, it at all! Isn't it lovely to see that our kids have so far managed to avoid that particular misery?! Great socks, have fun with your fabric, whatever you get up to with it! x

    1. Yeh, I think we would all do well to embrace the inner weird kid. Or maybe I'm just in training for being an eccentric old lady....