Monday, 5 November 2012


Photo showing green printed fabric with a white button
Having packed the children off to school and preschool this morning, the house is suddenly quiet, perfect opportunity to update the blog. Since I started sewing again, I've had a fabric advent calendar on my to do list. Last year I got as far as thinking about it, this year I've actually made a start. Based on this timescale I may have it finished in about 2014...

I looked at various designs with little pockets that you can put chocolate in, but I wasn't feeling inspired. Then I came up with the idea of making a Christmas tree shape that we can hang numbered decorations on, so last night I got out my Big Scissors and made a tree shape with this lovely green and gold fabric and sewed it on to a plain calico backing sheet. I now have to sew on twenty-four buttons to give the ornaments something to hang on, I did some last night in front of Downton Abbey.

I then plan to make twenty-four felt decorations, all hand stitched. It's at this point that the swearing will probably set in, but it's good to have a plan, right?

And I make no apologies for planning for Christmas in November, as I like to have things organised ahead of time so that I can enjoy lazing around nibbling snacks and sipping gin when the school holidays start (yeah, ok that's a bit of a fantasy, probably should say something worthy about having some quality time with the children yada yada). Also some genius decided that it would be a great idea to host a family get together and present swap at the end of November (yes, it was me, why do I do these things?!) so a fair amount of shopping and wrapping has to happen before then.

I have however put the first of the festive snacks in the 'Christmas' cupboard, a pack of savoury biscuits in case you're interested. This tradition started when we were incredibly skint and tried to spread the cost of Christmas food over a few months, but now I feel all domesticky to have some bits squirrelled away.

Watch this space...

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