Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fabric Advent Calendar

Fabric Advent Calendar
It's done! I have made my children a fabric advent calendar in time for the start of advent. And despite the grumbles about lack of chocolate or Moshi Monsters, they seem fairly pleased with it. Of course it's not really finished, as I've only made the little decorations up to about day seventeen... But the remaining pieces are all cut and I've embroidered most of the numbers. Now just a case of sewing them all up.

We celebrated the first day of December yesterday by watching our Snowman/Father Christmas DVD straight after breakfast. Now I love Raymond Briggs (we have the Father Christmas books too), but this particular DVD did get watched rather a lot last year. By  February I was begging for relief so did tactically 'lose' it for a while until they'd forgotten about it. There's also the fact that my sensitive six year old bursts into tears at the end of The Snowman. Every. Single. Time. My hard-hearted three year old couldn't care less.

Husband was also despatched yesterday to buy a Christmas tree, and returned with a dinky little pot-grown one. I like to have one with roots as we tend to get a couple of year's use out of a tree like this, it goes out into the garden in a gert big pot in between Christmasses.

Hopefully now I can get on with making a few more bits and pieces to sell, as I've booked a stall at the Ematingz Christmas market on 15 December. I have a lovely bundle of retro style fabrics from Seamstar that is just begging to be fashioned into some patchwork stockings. If you're in Bristol that weekend, do pop over to Easton Community Centre.

Update - I've just added this post to the Mumsnet Craft Round-up. Check out this link for more festive craft ideas.

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