Monday, 30 April 2012

Hello Dolly

I've been craving the soothing click of knitting needles recently. And as I like projects that are quick to finish, I thought I'd try my hand at some clothes for my daughter's doll (the doll's name is apparently 'baby dolly'). The other reason that I like making things for my children is that they are still young enough to be extremely impressed by my efforts - it's rather good for the ego...

I had some lovely Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn in the stash. It was perhaps a bit decadent knitting dolly clothes with it, but it felt so lovely and soft. I started with the hat, it's knitted on the flat, a smaller version of the Where's Wally that I made for my son. The dress is all one piece, knitted from the bottom up.  It's basically a tube with holes for the arms, and a seam up the back. I reduced every three stitches to gather in the skirt.

I think it's a much nicer outfit than he/she (completely smooth down there) came in, which was a polyester dressing gown thing. Next up is a coat, as daughter has expressed misgivings about the sleeveless nature of the dress, and is concerned that 'baby dolly might get cold'.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Little Brown Jug

My poor little blog has been quite neglected of late, pesky real life getting in the way again. I wish I could say that I've been in a storm of making, but sadly not. I do have a knitting project on the go, but it's a gift so won't be able to post about it until it's finished and despatched.

I must also mention that if you happen to be an eccentric millionaire reading this, much of my busy-ness recently has centred around fundraising for my local preschool, and if you fancy lobbing a large cheque our way we'd be ever so grateful ;-)  In the non-event of such an occurrence we will plug on with table top sales, cake sales, sponsored scoots and the like. Ever a keener (it's a Bristol word) for voluntary work, I've also got involved in Redfest Bristol, a fantastic local community festival happening this year on 2-4 August.

And the third consumer of time has been spending Fridays at The Vintage Point on Stokes Croft, we now have a sparkly new blog here. After six weeks we finally have internet access at the shop (hence me being able to blog now). If you're in the Bristol area we're at 125 Cheltenham Road, you're very welcome to pop in and have a browse. I'm selling some of my hand-made goods, and we have a good craft section with patterns, buttons, knitting needles, yarn and a range of textiles.

And the little brown jug? It's the result of a little charity shop outing yesterday afternoon. It's marked on the bottom Kernewek Pottery, Cornwall and has a lovely mottled drip glaze, probably 1970s vintage, just like myself...