Thursday, 19 July 2012

Holiday Yarns

Summertime, and the living is easy... Well it is if you're on holiday staying with friends in sunny Nova Scotia. We're in the ridiculously picturesque town of Lunenburg, all colourful painted shingled wooden houses and tall ships. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site and everything.
Some of the older houses down in the main town have a traditional feature called a 'Widow's Walk', which is a sort of balcony/platform up on the roof where fishermen's wives could see out to see and await the return of their menfolk (or not, hence the name).

We're staying with some old friends who emigrated from Bristol a couple of years ago and are now fully rooted here with their young children. Their kids are the same age as mine, all four are sleeping in the same room (well mostly sleeping) and are having a ball. And after what seems like months of rain at home, it is hot hot hot and sunny. Big shock to the system, I've been chasing after my two with the sunblock, which hasn't played a major part in the UK summer so far.

This morning we went to the Lunenburg Farmer's Market where there was some wonderful produce for sale, including some amazing pastries. I had a massive sticky cinnamon bun thing, in true North American style it was of course enormous. There were also a couple of craft-type stalls, my husband was casting covetous glances at the woodworking stall - beautiful rocking chairs but a bit tricky to fit in the suitcase...

But a skein of hand-painted rainbow yarn slips in perfectly, hence the photo. Of course it's too hot to actually knit anything, but a little addition to the stash never hurts!