Monday, 27 May 2013

Made to Measure

It's been nearly six weeks since my last blog post, and it's no co-incidence that I started my new job about six weeks ago. But I've finally managed to produce something worth blogging about - hurrah! I said in my last blog post that I'd been inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee, and something I've wanted to do for ages was make some clothes for me.

So I bought myself a pattern for a tunic blouse (it's Simplicity pattern ref 2365, if you're interested), trotted to Fabricland for some cheap bright cotton fabric, thread and interfacing and then did absolutely nothing with it for about three weeks... I found that by the time I'd done my stint in the office, picked up the children from school/preschool, cooked tea and sent them bedwards I felt a bit brain dead and more inclined to slump in front of the telly than start whipping up a blouse.

Phwoar, look at the sleeves on that!
However, I gradually got up the courage to start reading the instructions on the pattern and start cutting fabric. This seemed to take approximately a week, but eventually I had all the pieces I needed. It took about another week before I started to actually sew one bit to another, and when I started to do that, something really exciting happened...

You see as I followed the instructions to stitch piece X to piece Y, to clip notches, press seams, baste this that or the other, an actual piece of clothing started to emerge! And quite quickly I had a torso of a blouse to show for my exertions. The sleeves were quite anxiety inducing, particularly fitting them to the body of the blouse, but I got there in the end.

Headless model shows off blouse
I probably should have started with something a little simpler for my first project, like a nice A-line skirt, but something bloody-minded in me wanted to make something a bit more challenging, and I'm most proud of the fiddly detail bits like the tucks along the front (I think they're called pin-tucks?) and the tab detail on the sleeves. And although there are some small mistakes in it, it's a style that I would have been happy to spend money on in a clothes shop - some of the clothes patterns in 'simple' sewing books are a bit floaty hippy for my taste. I don't like patchouli either...

Anyhow, I'm pleased with it (you can just see the traces of smugness playing about my mouth in the photo) and it's made me keen to make more clothes. I'd definitely encourage anyone with a sewing machine and a gap in their wardrobe to give it ago. With a little bit of sewing skill and a lot of muttered swearing, who knows what might happen?

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  1. Cute fabric and the fit is good, well done