Monday, 18 November 2013

Goodbye Autumn

I feel a bit rusty on the whole blog front at the moment. When you haven't posted for a while it feels a bit embarrassing to get started again, consider this first paragraph me clearing my throat and taking a sip of water.

So I thought I'd put a couple of photos up instead, which I think show what's been going on Autumn-wise with me.

Apples featured heavily, as @BristolGardens invited us round on a sunny afternoon to help pick apples from his back garden. Good to see my urban urchins getting a bit of fresh air. Youngest ate so many on the day that she ended up with a raging belly ache. Both children were fascinated by getting apples from a tree rather than in a plastic bag from the supermarket.

Since then we've had countless apple crumbles, I've made huge batches of chutney, a couple of Dorset Apple cakes (the loaf cake pictured is half size version of this recipe from BBC website) and there's stewed apple in the freezer. I still have a box of cookers in the garage that apparently should keep well. Good job they're so tasty, as a whole lot of peeling has been involved.

And I've decided that I'm only knitting socks, a jumper feels like too much commitment at this point. I can finish a pair in about a fortnight and I find it soothing to wind down with an hour or two of knitting in the evening.
 In other news, I've joined the WI (well it was pretty much inevitable wasn't it...) and at some point I seem to have become a cyclist rather than just a person on a bike, as I use my bike most days and have new panniers on my Christmas list.

I have a couple of Christmas Fairs booked in, so am making a few bits an pieces for that. Will try and put some more pictures up soon.

So in summary: Autumn - apples, well mostly apples.

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