Saturday, 21 December 2013

Festive Crafts

Now that my children are 7 and nearly 5, we've finally reached the stage where they will sit quietly and do craft activities, and the whole experience is a lot less stressful than when they were toddlers. This afternoon they very much enjoyed some craft kits from Baker Ross including paper-chains and colour your own Christmas crackers.

After many years of fretting about doing 'enough' at Christmas, I think I've finally learnt not to get too bothered - as an old friend of mine likes to say, to "let the ash drop off..."

I've bought presents and food, but not stupid amounts. We have some tinsel and lights up. I also had a day off yesterday with the Husband, before the children broke up from school. We both did a big cleaning blitz and got rid of a whole load of junk that had previously spent most of its time being shuffled from place to place or ignored completely while we were caught up in working and school routines.

Also this afternoon we 'made' a Christmas wreath. I say made, but what I actually did was buy a plain fir wreath from the local florists for £4 and then add a few bits and pieces from the craft stash. I used thin wire to attach some holly sprigs from the garden (much swearing, fiddly *and* prickly - yay!). The 'berries' are red wooden beads attached with more wire, along with some little gilt bells and a scrap of fabric for a bow. Just hoping it doesn't get blown away - it's pretty wet and wild here tonight.

And tomorrow some friends and their children are coming round for Christmas drinks and nibbles. I'll happily serve up shop bought snacks and crack open the mini-keg of Bath Ales that we've bought for the occasion.

Today is the winter solstice, which means lighter days are on the way. Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas wherever you are. See you in 2014 for more making and wittering. Thanks for reading :)