Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Bit Sketchy

When I was in paid employment, I used to be sent on training courses. These would invariably start with a session with the flipchart with lots of earnest batting about of words such as 'synergy' and 'facilitating outcomes'. Still, the refreshments were usually good and you'd occasionally meet someone with a really interesting career history (sadly this was not often the person leading the course).

So now I'm one of those 'Stay at Home Parent' types, are there the same range of exciting development opportunities available? Well, not really. .. There is an incredible amount of noise around all the baby stuff I admit, much advice is thrust at you from a variety of sources, some more credible than others. With my first baby I dutifully trooped off to a post-natal group when the boy was about 3 months old. The first session involved going round the room and telling about our terrible birth experiences (no flipchart this time). I was last in the circle and by the time we'd sat through a litany of emergency caesarians, horrific instrumental deliveries and episiotomies, I was a bit embarrassed to mumble that I'd had a fairly straightforward birth and felt pretty much ok about it thanks.

Now my children are past the baby stage there seems to be an expectation that as I've managed to keep them alive and unharmed for this long, I must know what I'm doing. So instead of taking on a training course along the lines of of "7 Habits of Effective Children" or "Feel the Playdoh and Do it Anyway", I decided to do something more fun, which is where the picture above comes in.

I've been saying for ages that I want to do more drawing, but I never got round to doing anything about it. So I've signed up for 5-week 'Learn to Draw' course at Bristol Folkhouse, which is a fantastic adult education centre. It's been going in one form or another since the 1870s, when it was founded to keep working class men out of the pub and give them a chance to learn to read and write instead. These days it's a charity and a co-operative and runs a whole range of arts, crafts, music, languages and fitness classes. I did a pottery course there a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. I have plenty of wonky pots dotted around the house too.

The first drawing session was yesterday and I really enjoyed myself. It's a really good basics of drawing course, with a wonderfully encouraging tutor. We looked at basic shapes and did some simple exercises before sketching some rosehips. Next week we're moving on to tone.

My youngest loves to draw, and does so with the absolute self-confidence of a four-year-old, producing vast quantities of artwork (Octonauts often feature). Next time she sits down with her crayons I think I'll join her, take a line for a walk and see where it goes...

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cutting and Sticking

Handmade valentine's card
Lots of projects under way at the moment, but nothing finished, so no blogging from me recently.

Instead here's the Valentine card I made for my husband. An old pair of embroidery scissors, some scraps of pretty paper, a bit of PVA glue and quite a lot of muttering... and ta da!

And done whilst participating in a fairly mind-bending circular conversation with the four year old, who is seemingly competing for the title of Clingiest Child Alive. Not bad, eh?