Sunday, 18 August 2013

Make Sunday Special

You'd be proud of me, we did a proper Family Outing today. It involved raincoats (at first) and interaction with the children and everything...

Make Sunday Special is an initiative dreamt up by Bristol's elected Mayor. Several of the streets in the centre of the city are closed to traffic one Sunday a month - or as one of the signs put it, the streets were 'open for people'. All sorts of free street entertainment and activities were laid on.

We took advantage of a (for once) bargainous bus ticket - FirstBus are offering a family bus ticket for just five quid on Make Sunday Special days (usually it's £8). This means that it's starting to be comparable to paying for parking.

When we got to town we had a wander. It felt really strange walking down the middle of a road that's usually full of cars, particularly as the traffic lights were still cycling round as normal. Which reminds me, there were *loads* of bikes around too, and lots of cycle-related activities. A quick shower of rain sent us scurrying under the nearest gazebo which happened to be one offering a rosette-making workshop. The children set to work and Youngest wore her rosette all day.

Then of course the sun came out, which makes wandering about with the children much more enjoyable. The Ambling Band provoked much jiggling in the children, and they also enjoyed playing with a musical instrument maze set up by Acoustic Arts.

We even managed to fit in a bit of Gromit Spotting...

Friday, 16 August 2013


This really is a poor neglected blog. A steady trickle of visitors find it every day, so if you're reading this - hello, how's things with you?

I suppose that it's a bit of a cliché that I pretty much stopped blogging as soon as I started paid employment, because before that the blog filled the little slot marked "it's not all about the kids y'know... what about meeeeee!". But there you go, it is what it is.

So what have I been up to in the last 3 months or so? Well, there was a *bit* of sewing and creative work. I organised a pop-up tea room as part of a local community festival and made an appliqué banner out of stash oddments and an old bedsheet. I also did some quick tablecloths by buying cheap gingham from Fabricland and hemming it fast and furiously. And then made a squillion scones and a couple of cakes.

It was a lovely day and we had an amazing team of volunteers serving teas. We completely sold out by the end of the day and made over £150 for the local community centre.

And talking of the community centre, another thing that has made me very happy was finally getting round to putting up a new website for the place. It's pretty basic (uses Blogger) but is sooooo much better than what we had before, and can be updated much more easily. It's here if you'd like to take a look (probably only relevant if you're in East Bristol, but hey!).

I'm also very excited about a new Women's Institute group that's setting up locally. Amazing group of women with lots of plans, we're having a launch party in September.

The fabric at the top of the page is a lovely print from the aforementioned Fabricland that I'm hoping to make into a blouse very soon. This may actually happen, as I have a completely child and husband free weekend coming, where I'll have the house to myself to strew bobbins with abandon. Anyway, my tea's ready, better go...